Mauna Kea Cacao Pods in Trailer

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers

The following craft chocolate makers source cacao beans from Mauna Kea Cacao to make single-estate Hawaii chocolate. Chocolate from these bean-to-bar makers can be purchased on Mauna Kea Cacao tours, at each chocolate maker's retail stores, online and at additional fine chocolate retail outlets in Hawaii and on the mainland.


The pastry chef at Providence Restaurant in Los Angeles makes single-estate chocolate from our cacao. The resulting Hawaii chocolate is the featured dessert on the dinner menu. Visit for more information.


Be the first brewery to create Hawaiian-style chocolate beer from our award-winning cacao nibs.

Hawaii Cacao and Chocolate Festivals & Conferences

Chocolate-Making Equipment and Know-How

Chocolate Alchemy ( has been our go-to resource for making small-batch chocolate. Although we do not make chocolate for sale, we do so for quality control tasting to improve our ferments (and for the sheer joy of eating our own chocolate). This site provides step-by-step instructions on how to make small-batch chocolate and also provides equipment reviews and sales.

Organizations Supporting Hawaii Cacao